Our busy hall provides for a great many organizations within Croscombe but we need –


  • The village orchestra, now some 40 members strong, needs an extra smaller room to store music stands, instrument cases and covers and tune up before entering the large hall – The Croscombe Creative Room


  • Our “Frolics”, a wonderful Am Drams group who perform our panto every year, incorporating performers including Kitty aged 5 to John aged 85. The whole village is involved: from sewing costumes, painting scenery to singing or just being an active audience. They too need a small room to store props, group rehearsals and actors changing rooms – The Croscombe Creative Room.


  • Our OAP Christmas Dinner held every year in the large hall for over 100 elderly residents needs extra space for preparation of gifts, music and decorations – The Croscombe Creative Room.


  • The Croscombe Society, founded as an historical Society to bring local history, archaeology, and genealogy to the village needs a small room for their meetings as the hall is too large – The Croscombe Creative Room.


  • The Croscombe Charter Market holds quarterly meetings and sales of local produce and would welcome a separate room for refreshment area during the market – The Croscombe Creative Room.


The committee have gained the planning permission for this to be built and all we need now are the funds to do it. Please help us with our Croscombe Creative Room.


You can buy a brick in our memory wall which displays inside the hall on a brass plate your chosen 15 words such as


to Carol for her special performance   in Alibaba 2015 – you are a star love Mum and Dad”


“to my darling Robin who loved all music – never forgotten



“So proud of our Steve who played with the orchestra for the

first time – Grandpa and Grandma”


“to Mum and Dad for helping me achieve my dancing exams – all love Katy”


“to our great friend Johnny – always a great supporter of the village hall

Jean and Frank”


“The Croscombe Activity Club helped to support this wall”


This memory will be there forever and makes a wonderful present at anytime, but especially for Christmas.


To buy your plaque, please write your chosen message in 15 words or less and send to:

 Mr J. Hoogesteger, 3 Steps, Rock Street, Croscombe, BA5 3QT

 Or email to

 Or telephone your request – 01749 344513


With cash or cheque for £100 made payable to Croscombe Village Hall.



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